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  • New from Ozone, Slingshot and Star Kiteboarding


    With unhooked characteristics for advanced riders and accessible "sheet in and go" power for beginning and intermediate riders, you're sure to find the perfect kite from Ozone. The 2016 Enduro, the 2016 C4 V6, and the 2016 Edge V8 are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Take a closer look at the entire 2016 Ozone line up.
    World champion tricksters, soul-searching surfers, and casual weekend-warriors are stoked to see the return of Slingshot's all-around weapon of choice: The 2016 Slingshot RPM Kite. Loaded with features, this kite is one of the most versatile and rock solid kites ever produced.

    Looking for the king of light-wind performance? The 2016 Slingshot Turbine Kite delivers low-end power and grunt combined with turning speed and efficiency. The Turbine is a Open Delta C profile kite with mini-strut technology, optimized aspect ratio, leading edge diameter, and five-point cascading bridle system.

    Check out the new player in the kitesurfing market: STAR Kiteboarding.
    With high quality construction, they also boast the lowest msrp of any brand out there!

    2016 Star Taina Kiteboarding Kite


    Read more on what Star says about the 2016 Star Taina Kiteboarding Kite


    In its 5th generation, the TAINA is our best seller. After four years of refinements we’ve created the ultimate wind machine to satisfy all styles, all levels, in all conditions. All in all, the Taïna is a perfect all-terrain kite with special performance for the waves, using this kite will keep you stoked during your endless sessions.


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