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  • Learning to Kiteboard: Part 1 for Kite-Line Kelly

    Kelly Learning to Kite 2013For some folks, picking up a new sport is like picking up a new pair of socks – they just do it without giving it a second thought. But for most of us, learning to kiteboard has been a bit more complicated than that. You can be strong, smart, and adventurous and still feel befuddled – shoot, even a bit frightened - the first time you venture into the water with a real kite and board.

    For Kelly –mother and wife of the Kite-Line family – there was some solace in knowing she was not alone in having these feelings as she ventured into a kite lesson this fall in Baja.  Kelly, a yoga instructor, surfer, and competitive swimmer, knew kiting was in her future, but there was something frightening about the power of kites.

    “I’ve been watching it from the beach for a long time, but when I first held onto a real kite (not a trainer kite), I didn’t have any idea what to expect, and that unknown was really frightening,” she explained. Kelly had used trainer kites on the beach before, but her real break-through moment came when she had an on-land lesson using a 4m LEI. “Getting the feel of the kite’s power and de-power in a controlled situation, with a knowledgeable instructor right there, was huge,” Kelly said.

    Understanding how to use the bar and using a great all-around kite like the Cabrinha Switchblade removed a lot of the fear she originally had. Kelly still experienced her fare share of on water explosions and drank in a few extra gallons of ocean water.  But she also got up on the board (a Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard) and got to experience real riding.

    Kelly explained that seeing other beginning kiters experience the same struggles, and overcome the same challenges helped a lot. “There was a comfort in being able to see what others were doing to advance through the learning process and to share my own experiences.

    We’ll post more updates on Kelly’s learning process throughout this coming season. If you’re learning how to Kiteboard, please share your story with us!

  • Winter Pairing: Kitesurfing Videos & Kitesurfing Gear


    Kitesurfing Video HawaiiHawaii: A Kitesurfing Short Film

    Of all the kiteboarding videos out there right now, this is the one that will make you want to quit everything, grab your gear, and spend the rest of your life schralping massive swell.  Filmed on the North shore of Hawaii, this video is 11 minutes of stellar footage with Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Moona Whyte, and Pete Cabrinha.


    The Kitesurfing Gear


    Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear

    We can’t promise that having the same gear will make you as rad as Moona or Reo, but the good stuff can’t hurt, right?  Pete Cabrinha’s been making unbeatable kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  since 2000 and as you can see in the video, he knows what he’s doing.


    The Most Versatile Kite in the World


    The 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite is, hands-down, the most popular and versatile kite in the world. Can you say BOOST? Plus, the 2014 Switchblade has Park and Ride Stability. It’s got more power and aerodynamic efficiency than any other kite, and it has utterly precise and direct control.


    High performance Kitesurfing Boards


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard is the top of the line performaning kite surfboard. Pete's personal board had to prove itself as both a surfboard and kiteboard. Excellent performance in knee high to double overhead surf, this board is E-P-I-C.


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard is a wider, fuller board that is lively and light under your feet in all types of conditions.  Ride it with or without straps. This board is a fun-hog.


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard has a straighter outline and quad fin so you can maintain your edge during high speed surfing. This board is stable down the line drive and perfect for massive swell (or kneehigh if you can’t make it to the Northshore just yet).

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