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  • Trade in your old kiteboarding gear and get $425 off a new Kite

    2014-naish-ridingDude, you’re planning the kite vacation of the century but you’re gonna bring that old ratty thing? Say it isn’t so!

    Oh, wait… You’re trying to tell us (and convince yourself) that your kite really isn’t that old. You know what they say about denial…

    Here’s the kite deal:

    For a Limited Time....Trade in your old kiteboarding gear (any LEI kite and bar/lines) and we’ll give you $425 off any Kite and Bar/Line Set listed below.

    2013 Slingshot RPM

    2014 Slingshot Rally

    2014 Naish Park

    2014 Naish Fly2

    2014 Naish Ride 2


    How to claim your deal:

    old kite gear1. Place an order online for any of the kites above with a bar/line set.  In the "Comments" section at checkout just tell us you are doing the trade-in deal

    2. Send us ANY old kite with bar/line set.

    3. When we receive your old kite and bar/line set We’ll apply the $425 discount to your credit card or PayPal account.

    Send your gear with your name to:

    2148 NW 5th St.
    Bend, OR 97701

  • Traveling with Kiteboarding Gear: 2013 Tips and Picks

    2014-naish-ridingFor those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it’s time for a kiteboarding vacation. You’ve done the research and you’re stoked for a week (or three) of epic kiteboarding in Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, or some secret locale you’d rather we didn’t publicize. Starting your vacation hassle-free is key. Don’t let extra fees and the wrong gear harsh your mellow.

    Kiteboarding Gear - Picks:

    Choosing gear that will work in a variety of conditions is essential when you travel, unless you have an entourage of people to help you haul it all.  We like to take a great surf kite, like the Ozone REO and an excellent travel board like the Slingshot T-Rex surfboard.

    The REO has huge depower, smooth fast direct handling, float when slack lined and perfect drift for down the line and onshore riding. It’s a tough kite, without cosmetic items adding weight and drag.

    The T-Rex was developed for a new breed of riders focusing on aerial tricks and fun, poppy changes in direction. The smaller sizes make it easier to take with you to those favorite wave destinations and fits in a wider variety of travel bags. Every size rides like a larger board without the weight and hassle.

    Traveling with Kiteboarding Gear – Tips:

    1. Look like a golfer.

    Traveling with kiteboarding gear can be easy as cake.  Our first recommendation is to use a golf style bag like the CrazyFly Golf Travel Bag without wheels or Golf Travel Bag with wheels.   Why use a golf bag? Because many airlines allow you to check golf equipment without incurring an oversize fee.  It’s important to check with your airline for details, but this little trick still works most of the time. Looking more like a golfer than not doesn't hurt.

    2. Keep it under 50lbs

    Weight matters and you can easily over-pack your golf bag. Make sure to keep it under 50 lbs – the standard cap-weight for most airlines.  The CrazyFly Golf Bag without Wheels is heavy duty without being overly heavy and ditching those wheels saves you an extra 5 lbs.

    If you’re checking another bag, don’t put all your stuff in the golf bag.  Put fins, hardware, kite bars and other heavy things in your regular luggage.  If you only have a carry on and your travel bag then leave the fins in the "golf" bag so the airport security doesn't confiscate them as “sharp objects.”

    Another weight saving technique is to ditch the kite bag that comes with the kite and use stuff sacks. You can get a set of 4 Dakine compression sacks for $70, or grab one or two CrazyFly kite compression bags for $18 ea.   This will save a lot on weight.

    3. Protect your Board

    We highly recommend using a travel bag specific to your board You can also add a little extra cushion by wrapping the tip and tail of your board with some of your clothes.

    We want your holiday to be stellar, and we’re here to answer questions. If you’re still wondering what to bring, give us a call!

  • Free Cabrinha Wakeskate with these 3 Kiteboards

    weekly-Sidebar-WakeskateYou're ready for something a little different; we can feel it. So get this: We're giving you a Cabrinha Wakeskate for free when you purchase of any of these boards already marked for clearance (only listed sizes).

    Quantities are very limited, so click on these boards for details and to make your purchase.


    2013 Cabrina Tronic 133 cm


    2013 Cabrinha Spectrum 133 cm

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick 144cm

    AND you'll earn 5% cash back with our Loyalty Points, even on sale items.

  • Kite Repair: How-To and With-What

    You might be surprised to know that as purveyors of new kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  we want you to know all the ins and outs of repairing your kite. We want you to know how to fix your kite gear and what to fix it with for one simple reason: We want you to be happy – and the more time you get to spend kiting, the happier you’ll be

    cryingSo you slammed your kite against the beach so hard that you could feel it way down in your stomach? Or the surf turned nasty and your epic wave session went horribly wrong and you’ve found yourself looking down at a ball of florescent fabric that used to be a kite? It’s even worse when it’s the first day you’ve taken your kite out of the bag.  (Trust us, we know this one.) Don’t get all huffy and start crying. You can fix it!

    Kite Bladder Repair:

    If the issue is with your kite bladder, it doesn’t matter if you have a hole in the leading edge  or in one of the struts, you can replace the punctured or torn bladder. This video from Naish is humorously and painfully retro, but the principles are the same. Give it a watch.  You can do this!

    Naish how to repir a bladder

    Full kite bladder replacement is not always realistic. Traveling far from home? Let’s hope you’re the type of McGyver to be prepared for kite trauma when you’re kitesurfing at some secluded beach. Punctures and small holes can be fixed on the spot with adhesive patches  - included in many kite-surf repair kits.

    Replacing Your Kite Valve

    Yes… it seems like every brand has a different type of kite valve.  But don’t let that deter you. Start by checking out the multi option valve  which fits almost every kite. Replacing a valve is a completely doable process. This video from Fix My Kite is really helpful:

    kite valve video

    Sail Rips:

    Again… we like to think that our customers are prepared and always have a basic kite repair kit on hand. Most kits come with a sail patch that is quick and easy to install.

    Call the Pros:

    If you’re overwhelmed by the extent of damage to kite, call us.  We can help you find the kite repair professionals best suited for your particular dismaying circumstance.

  • Rider FAQ: Finding the Right Light Wind Kiteboard

    After spending the last couple decades kiteboarding and running a kiteboarding supply company, we’ve been asked thousands of questions about kite gear, kite destinations, and kiteboarding in general.  We’re always happy to help folks find what they looking for, so if you have some nagging question about the sport, or just need a quick tip toward the gear that fits your style, don’t be shy. Ask us!

    Flysurfery Flydoor Light Wind Kiteboarding

    Light Wind Kiteboarding

    In the past few years, there have been so many advancements in kites and kiteboards for light wind conditions that it’s hard to sort through the huge assortment to find the best. Just yesterday, we had a customer call us with a question:

    "I have an older board that I ride in light wind conditions, but it’s not that much fun. Are new light wind boards any better? What would you recommend?"

    Light wind boards have come a long way over the years.  Early boards were extremely flat with no rocker and very small fins. They were very efficient but due to their "flatness" they were boring and sometimes difficult to ride. The other issue with older light wind boards is catching an edge and pearling the board if the water has any chop in it at all.

    Light wind kiteboards today have a decent amount of rocker and will flex your weight, increase/decrease in wind and the pull of the kite.  It means you can use the board in higher winds and choppier waters while still having fun doing tricks and riding waves.

    Our favorite Light Wind Kiteboards:


    Lightwave Wing KiteboardThe Lightwave Wing Kiteboard


    The Litewave Wing is a very light weight, thin, and flexy kiteboard. The board has a unique 'parabolic sidecut' outline that helps you plane quickly and rocket upwind. It’s also got wider tips that give you unbelievable "load and pop.” Because the reality is that you’re looking for fun. If you wanted to slowly “mow the lawn,”  you would have stayed home.



    2013 FLYSURFER FLYDOOR4 KITEBOARDFlysurfer Flydoor

    The Flysurfer Flydoor is probably one of the most popular light wind boards in the world. Flydoor boards have a reputation as amazing light wind boards. But unlike many other light wind specific boards, the Flydoor has a huge wind-range and kill it, even in extremely gusty conditions.

    “Just wanted to drop you a line to say I got the XL FB4 .... It's absolutely nothing short of completely amazing. What a light wind weapon - in just 8-9 kts with a 21 m speed 3 I was jumping and being catapulted off the water with no effort. Love the board soooo much. Wish I'd bought one sooner."
    -Kite-line Kiteboarding Customer

    Have more questions about Light Wind Kiteboarding? We're here for you. Call us. Email us. Live Chat. Facebook. Or Twitter.

    ... And don't forget to keep an eye on our Clearance Kites, Kiteboards, and Kite accessories. You can always find reduced prices on new products!




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