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  • Slingshot’s 2014 Kites are Here!

    2014_launchSlingshot was one of the first to release their 2014 product line and it’s making for a great start to the 2014 product season. Slingshot has remained committed to the C kiteplatform. Their patented Splitstrut (integrated strut and canopoy) makes for lighter, stable, and more durable kites.

    the 2014 Rally:

    2014 Rally KiteThis is Slingshot’s fourth edition of an incredibly versatile kite. Ideal for freeriding and surf conditions, the 2014 Rally is fast, maneuverable, and has great downwind drift. You won’t see this kite falling out of the sky even when you’re carving downwind with a lot of speed.  Plus, the Rally has Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, Neoprene in vulnerable areas, and Surf Tough Seams for strength and structure throughout the canopy. 


    The 2014 Fuel: 

    2014 Fuel KiteSlingshot’s long-running success story with the Fuel continues into 2014. This C-kite is a pro rider’s choice for hardcore freestyle and progressive wakestyle riding. The 2014 Fuel offers phenomenal power with rock solid stability.

    The Chompstick:

    The 2014 Chompstick has Flight Control and Slingshot’s patented Rider Control Center, making it incredibly safe with a truly intuitive control system.


    With a new batch of kites, comes a new batch of reviews.  Want to be one of the first to broadcast your opinion?  We have a new customer review section available for everything we sell.  Just click the Review tab (next to Details and Specs) and follow the steps. It’s easy!

  • Sell the house. Craigslist the car.

    Sell the house. Craigslist the car. Follow the exodus to the Shangri-La of kiting. - Duke 


    Duke with 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade

    It started with an offer to trade a steamy bowl of ramen noodle for an opinion comparing two kites on our website and ended with the 2013 Cabrinha Switchblade making it’s way into Duke’s luggage for an amazing trip to Cabarete.


    Kiting in Cabarete

    A quick note of thank you for your timely shipping of Cabrinha 8M few weeks ago. I swung by the Fedex center to pick it up on my way to the airport. I finally got around to finding a decent wifi access out here in the thick of downtown Sosua, a bit north of Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

    This charming corner of Caribbean remains very much a Third World environment with anemic access to multimedia unless you stay at one of the swanky resorts. Me, I shack up in a $18/day backpackers dormitory. The sacrifice we kiters endure for chasing trade wind out here. It's blowing steady 20 knots everyday after 1pm. Sideshore along 4 miles of sandy shoreline north end of Dominican Republic.  Some heavy chops which are great for setting up hang time.

    Well, the wind is howling my name, until next time, many thanks, again, for hooking me up to a terrific kite.

    From the edge of civilization, 




     Cabarete is indeed the epicenter of endless kiting sessions the world over. Trade wind subsides after 8pm, and I would usually wander with a posse of kite vagabonds into town for ridiculously cheap local grubs. Here's a typical Caribbean dinner for only 250 peso at Casa Mami ($1.00 = 42 peso) with frosty El Presidente beer included. Sell the house, Craigslist the car, follow the exodus to the Shangri-La of kiting.

    Lost to summer wind,


    We are always happy to answer your questions and help you decide which kite will be best for you. Even if you decide to keep the house and the car, give us a call at 541.815.3209 or send us an email and let us help you find what you need to find your kiting Shangri-La.

    Want to share your story? We love knowing that the kite gear we sell is making our customers happy to the core. Tell us where you're headed, where you've been, and what's making your kiting experience amazing.

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