Kite Line 2017 Slingshot Dually

2017 Slingshot Dually

Color: yellow/black

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2017 Slingshot Dually


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One ride on the 2017 Slingshot Dually and you’ll never want to go back to regular footpads again. Designed to fit any foot on any board, the Duallys are the result of more than 15 years of Slingshot innovation. We’ve fully revamped the Dually for 2017.



The 2017 Slingshot Dually features an aggressive new outline, new pads, new texture and a lower-profile shape. The result is a footstrap that will lock down tight, hold firmly in place and leave you walking away pain-free after a long day on the water. For precision fit, the Dually features a four-point adjustment system that allows for independent tightening at the front and rear of the pad.



Thee 2017 Slingshot Dually also feature a rotating base plate that allows riders to customize their stance to their desired angle.  



2017 Slingshot Dually Features


• Perfect fit w/ four-point micro-adjustment straps and Velcro closure 
• Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed footbeds 
• Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight 
• Cushy comfort on tough landings 
• Freestyle friendly, grippy texture and toe ridges keep the board on your feet 


2017 Slingshot Dually Rider Profile


You’ll love the 2017 Slingshot Dually if you want to maximize your session by harmonizing your connection with the board and water. Our goal is to get you in the right stance and keep you there comfortably for your entire session. 


Additional Information

Type 2017 Slingshot Dually Foot Strap/Pad
Summary The 2017 Slingshot Dually feature an aggressive new outline, new pads, new texture and a lower-profile shape.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2017 Slingshot Dually
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Slingshot

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