Kite Line 2017 Nobile Women's T5

2017 Nobile Women's T5

Color: yellow/black

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2017 Nobile Women's T5


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For 2017 we have put all of or effort into creating this female oriented 2017 Nobile Women's T5 board. It is a real joy to ride and will help ladies progress.The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 boasts outstanding riding properties which we achieved by using the improved Pre-Stress technology. Pre-Stress adds magic to the 2017 Nobile Women's T5 board’s construction by stretching wood fibres and strengthening them with glass fibres while they are in their outstretched form. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but you will definitely feel it in the water. The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 gains improved torsion resistance which results in perfect upwind abilities and massive pop for jumps. The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 is also loaded with inner energy which, combined with properly refined flex engineering, guarantees low weight, reactivity and soft landings.



Thanks to using the Wavy Channels system we have achieved manoeuvrability while keeping the full control over the board at the same time. The asymmetric shape with its extended backside edge allows easier and more effective curves. The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 board is perfect for freeride and for learning freestyle. It performs well in any conditions: from flat through to choppy and small wave conditions. The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 meets all female expectations. It is lighter than the regular T5 model and has a narrower stance position, while the flex is suited in order to response perfectly to the lighter and more delicate female body structure.


2017 Nobile Women's T5 Features


  • High comfort, thanks to the flex pattern and stance which is tailored to women’s needs
  • Solid edge grip
  • Easy to ride
  • Excellent upwind and choppy water performance
  • Spectacular pop (Pre-Stress Technology)
  • Flex (1-10): 6
  • Rocker line: Flat Continuous
  • Bottom construction: Wavy Channels system 
  • Wavy Channels system makes the board ride like it is on rails
  • Improved Pre-Stress technology promotes the outstanding edge grip, pop and strengthens reactivity
  • Asymmetric outline facilitates curves and turns without any negative impact on upwind performance
  • Stance and flex adjusted to women’s needs


2017 Nobile Women's T5 Sizes


131×39 | 134×40


Additional Information

Type Freeride / Freestyle
Summary The 2017 Nobile Women's T5 is for intermediate to advance female riders looking for a freeride board with serious freestyle potential.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2017 Nobile Women's T5
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Nobile

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