Kite Line 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard

2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series Kiteboard

Color: yellow/black

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2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard


The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard has optimized the deck design along with the volumes and core thickness making it more resistant. The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series kiteboard Carbon Construction gives it improved strength and a lighter weight ratio, combined that with it's unrivalled shape and you get an unmatched smooth riding, increadible drive, earlier planning, huge comfort, and forgiving ride. The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard is equipted with F-One's revolutionary Helical Rail Design (HRD) for superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort, forgiving ride. The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard has bi-colored sidewalls and comes in the following sizes.

135 x 39 cm - 136 x 40.5 cm - 137 x 42 cm - 140 x 45 cm


2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard Construction



A True Revolution, the Helical Rail Design ( H.R.D.) is a Tripartite rail which delivers insane precision, advanced directional stability, surreal grip and ultimate comfort, all unknown yet in the world of Twin-Tips.
The HRD Rail provides new performances and a truly unknown riding sensation like riding above the water. The 16mm thick rail also strongly increases the resistance of the structure and locks the twist of the board.
With its helical shape, the HRD rail is going to establish a new era in Kitesurfing!

In the feet area, the rail profile is very thick and inverted which creates two supports zones that avoid bouncing effect.Its also generate an impressive vertical lift that offers early planning and sensational drive.Landing any jump or trick has never been so simple! Its sharpened top edge also reduces water spray towards the eyes and legs.
On the central part, the rail is thin and sharp, allowing edging, jumping at any time, also delivering a huge grip and an outstanding pop!
Towards the tip of the board, the rail returns to his original thin shape to ensure grip during take-off and pop.
3D Deck Strcture Board flex is tuned through both materials and shape. The shape of the deck is especially engineered to make the board ultra responsive between your legs for maximum drive and precision with the flex increasing progressively towards the tips for maximum pop and comfort. 
Tip Recess Reduces the core volume and weight and adds extra flexibility towards the tip of the board. Combined with the other deck features, this makes the board stiff in the middle sections but with a nice flex towards the tips, making the drive very precise with a smooth riding feeling and extra pop for the jump.
Hybrid Cap Rail  is a construction process which cleverly combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the toughness and durability of an ABS rail. As on a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to a surf style rail.
Wood Core The wood forms the heart of your board and gives it most of its mechanical properties: strength, flex and resilience (ability to return to its original shape). Each year, in order to master these properties, we seek to optimize its distribution, particularly in terms of thicknes.
Concave Step The combination of a bottom concave and a channel which tightens the central part, allows to go planning in an instant, with strong upwind potential. The concave absorbs the chop and improves its grip on the water. The channel enhances the flow of the water and relieves the pressure on the back foot, providing incomparable comfort.
Direct Drive technology is present on our boards since 2001, and refers to a board with minimal thickness, a 100% wood core and a 100% fiberglass envelope. These interlocking elements meet the F-ONE standards for a kite board and provide maximum durability. The Direct Drive translate into a precise board, quick and active as it erases the flaws of the water surface, collecting its energy and giving it back for the best performance. The feeling of riding a rock solid board always in contact with the water without suffering from it is even greater.
The patented UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins have a radical effect : the asymmetrical profile improves the general ride and early planing. 
However, it is the flex of the RESPONSE fins that gives amazing rail-grip as well as pop and forgiveness on heavy freestyle landings.


Additional Information

Type High Performance Freestyle
Summary The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series Kiteboard is equipted with F-One's revolutionary Helical Rail Design (HRD) for superior edging
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series Kiteboard - Fins - Hardware
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer F-One

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