Kite Line 2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard

2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard

Color: yellow/black

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2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard


The 2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard is no doubt an uncompromised wakestyle board. The 2016 F-One Spicy's unique shape is designed for bindings, delivers explosive pop, perfect speed control, ultra soft landings, and ideal swift control. This combination of features is forgiving along with superior durablilty make the 2016 F-one Spicy Kiteboard a great wakestyle kiteboard. The 2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard comes in the following size: 138 x 42 cm



2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard Construction



DUAL CORE technology is the combination of wood and closed-cell foam to achieve a core of ideal stiffness and weight. Wake style boards required higher volume and therefore more thickness. So in order to keep the weight down, closed-cell foam is used as core material in low stress areas of the board while wood remains in high loads areas to get a durable board with a perfectly tuned flex.
The V SHAPE you can find on the SPICY is variable along the board. Smaller in the center, the V double concave is at its max under the feet, and eventually disappear at the tips.
These channels help provide superior grip towards the tip of the board and are designed to be super-efficient during the pop. To form the channels, the tip of the board is raised in its central part, therefore creating added lift locally to the rocker of the board for better pop and easier landings. 
Hybrid Cap Rail  is a construction process which cleverly combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the toughness and durability of an ABS rail. As on a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to a surf style rail.
The patented UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins have a radical effect : the asymmetrical profile improves the general ride and early planing. 
However, it is the flex of the RESPONSE fins that gives amazing rail-grip as well as pop and forgiveness on heavy freestyle landings.


Additional Information

Type Wakestyle
Summary The 2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard is no doubt an uncompromised wakestyle board.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2016 F-One Spicy Kiteboard - Fins - - Hardware
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer F-One

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