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2014 Slingshot Golf Bag

2014 Slingshot Golf Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 29, 2014):
Went to Hatteras a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Awesome place!
Slingshot Golf Bag made the trip easier with large enough room for my very long and wide Cabrinha Spectrum board, plus two kites and other gear. It made it through United check-in without problems. TSA or maybe United lost it in Newark for a day. It showed up with a small cut on the front of the bag, but unsure if this is due to poor materials or from being manhandled at the airport. Bag appears to be made of moderately heavyweight Cordura. A little seam seal to repair the cut and it is ready for the next trip. It does weigh 10# -- not far out of the range for most golf bags. I had plenty of extra room but met the 50# airline limit before I could fill the bag entirely.
Definitely a popular model as there were four others on the Hatteras trip who had the same model from previous years. Would buy again if given the choice.